About A T & R Trapping Service in Montgomery County and Howard County, MD

Possum in Spring, MD
A T & R Trapping Service, LLC is a locally owned nuisance wildlife control service in business since 1986.

A T & R Trapping Service, LLC with services to Montgomery County and Howard County.

A T & R Trapping Service offers services to residential, commercial, industrial and government agencies in need of effective, reasonably priced and humane removal and exclusion of all wildlife.

Our business was founded on the concept of providing exceptional customer service, humane removal of animals and long-term solutions to homeowners and commercial industries who are faced with problems resulting from nuisance wildlife.
Due to increased development, we have found ourselves encroaching further and further into what once was prime habitat for wildlife. Wildlife has answered our increased development and the changing landscape with the ability to adapt to the environment we create. This ability to adapt causes an increase in conflicts and encounters between urban living and wildlife. As a result of these conflicts and encounters, there is a need for professional wildlife cooperators.